Why Hotel beddings are not as luxurious as you think they are?

You step into your hotel. You first take a step back and look at the overall ambience of the setting.

Then, you hold your heart in your hands as you sneak a slight peek at the toilets. A bathtub and a rain shower set up a heave of relief.

The balcony. Please let it not overlook tourist laundry! It doesn’t.

You had saved the best for the last. Its aura is immensely inviting. You hop onto the bed on your butt. Its soft.

You sink in a little.

You have your body onto the bed; arms and legs extended like an eagle. You let out a contented sigh! You decide to spend 70% of your stay on the bed.

Bad Decision!

1. The Mattresses do not conform

A good mattress eventually conforms to a sleeper’s style. Over time, it gets acquainted with the sleeper and moulds itself to his/her body.

How are you getting that type of comfort when that hotel mattress hosts 100s of different sleepers!

2. Most Hotel mattresses are not customised to their brand

A study by showed that most chain hotel mattresses were rather common. The famed Marriott Bed is manufactured by the same people who supply mattresses to Motel 6. All major U.S. hotel chains source their mattresses from four companies namely Serta, Simmons and Sealy and Jamison/Solstice.

In fact many people buy hotel mattresses thinking they are amazing.

Truth is;

They are just amazingly marketed!

3. The quality of mattresses is at best average

The choice of purchase of mattresses for the normal rooms are never high end or of the best quality. Having to supplement beds for over 100 rooms, an average purchase is the most rational business decision.

4. Hotel suites have rather good mattresses but

The top end hotels and the top suites hosts rather apt mattresses. but you could have purchased the actual mattress for the cost of a night stay at the suite.

No thanks!

5. The sheets, pillow covers, and duvets are of average quality

We are all used to the understanding that a higher thread count means more luxury. That is true and false. It really depends on the authenticity of the thread count; more about that in future posts.

Anyhow, a 1000 thread count authentic bedsheet is indeed superior in feel; however, hotels rarely go above 400 thread counts!


Maintenance! A 1000 thread count sheet needs to be hand-washed. A 400 thread count sheet could be easily machine washed. With a daily turnover and a need to consistently wash your sheets, which do you choose?

That aside, a fabric can only go through that many washes before it tears. Unless it is for home use with weekly washes, it would not make sense to purchase expensive sheets for a hotel with almost daily washing requirements.

Fact is, the home owner probably purchases a way superior fabric and thread count than a hotel!

Why than do we have such an affiliation to the hotel sleep? Why does the myth that hotel mattress and bedding are incomparable sustain?

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