Why do hotel sleeps have such comfort and allure?

Here is a secret that Hoteliers don’t want you to know.

The comfort is never from the quality. Quality plays just a 30% role in our perception.

It is from the visual aesthetics! Meaning, it comes from the design and style of the complete setting.

Here’s a simple case study as proof:

You get back home to a bed that looks like it just came back from a trip to hell.

  1. Sheets undone and not fitted to the bed
  2. Pillow case is out of its cover
  3. Duvet insert is not conformed to the complete duvet
  4. Pillows are yellow, Duvet is purple, Bolsters have brown flower prints, sheet casing is Blue

What do you think about the sleep you are going to have? It’s the same mattress, same pillow, same bolsters and same duvet inserts. Why does a undone bed make for a sleep you would not be looking forward to?


Even if the bed was made up with the same colour combination mentioned in point 4, you would only get to your bed when you are ready to sleep and not a second earlier.

The Science Behind Aesthetics & Comfort

Experts say there’s more to a good night’s rest than a mattress. Sheets, blankets and pillows also are important.

Furthermore, having a quiet and uncluttered room counts for something as well. You’re unlikely to have the same thing at home, which can be noisier and less serene.

“It’s the entire package,” says Chris Brantner, a certified sleep science coach at

So, are hotel beds better than what you can get home? Nop. The devil is in the details!

So how do you recreate this experience?

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