The Asian Bedroom Design Cannot Make It, But Not Your Fault!

Walk to your Bedroom. It looks great . The built-in wardrobe. The colour-matching dresser and bed frame. Laminated flooring. It has a really modern design. Minimal. Overall, it is actually pretty awesome especially since your interior designers did a great job with it. Your bed. Ahhhh… You definitely must have those 2 standard pillows on […]

How to Arrange Pillows on your bed & layer them in style

Arrange pillows on your bedding via 2 different schools of thought! The first is rather traditional where the pillow layers are bound by ratios based on the bed sizes. The second which is the new school of thought is based on the theme that you have decided for your bedroom. Nothing sets the mood and […]

Bed Design: What are the bedding layers to dress your bed with?

There isn’t a one size fits all rule book for the bedding layers that you have to use for your bed design. It starts off with the theme of your bedroom setting. If you are going for minimal industrial for example, then your layers have to be absolutely toned down: My personal preference, however, is […]