Staycations; And Why You Shouldn’t do it!

Not meaning to sound philosophical, life is short as it is. Experiences are limited in Singapore as they are. Nature is scant or forced.

Do we really need to submit to short terms pleasures and Staycay?

1. A new environment should not be one that you settle for

If you want to give time to life and your family, it should not be an option that you conceded to have. It matters to have real and new experiences that make a difference. Not one that is 5 train stations away.

Saving on 4 staycations adds up to a trip where the scent of the surrounding is different. Where, people are different. Where, cultures are different.

Where nature is real.

The force of the gush of the river onto the plunge basin of a waterfall is not man made. The splash of droplets onto your body when you stand by the rocks would send chills to your person.

2. A pool does not warrant an escapade

I am all up for a cool down with our darn weather. You don’t need to pay $500 to get to a pool. There are tons of family friendly pool parties held weekly in hidden gems all over Singapore that make for a way more awesome experience. Great music, great food, and an even greater ambience!

Not forgetting the actual beach to go instead!

3. Room Service is no longer exclusive to hotels

It’s the millennial generation. Who really has time to cook daily anyway? The only time to do so would be on weekends. A sensually dressed partner (male Or female) cooking a meal to soft music in the background followed by a candlelit dinner makes for a way more romantic end than a staycation!

With that fantastic image in my head aside, grabfood gets you room service for $5! Discount vouchers aside…

4. Aesthetical Luxury can be experienced right at home

If you need a hotel to be pleased by where you stay, than its time to rethink your home deco. Getting your home to be a place that evokes the same sense of Aesthetics or luxury does not need to come expensive. A little bit of time into research and a whole lot of DIYs can take you a long way.

Ps: Look out for tons of tips and solutions in upcoming posts

5. Bathtub or Hot Spring?

A hotel with a bathtub comes with a hefty hefty price tag. If you want the whole suite of advantages of a staycation, than the price tag gets even incremental.

With that kind of money, you can plan a whole trip inclusive of a HOT SPRING! with sulphur and minerals instead of chemical foam; unless of course, the bath bottles show organic on them.

Ps: Me is Team Organic!


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