Staycations and Why You do it!

1. Change of Environment

With the same monotonous daily schedule, who can blame you for wanting a quick weekend getaway to instigate romance with your partner or nurture new memories with the kids and grandparents. In short, a trip without the hassle of planes, or long transport time.

2. The Facilities

A cocktail by the pool sets the mood just right for those perfect insta selfies and a dip is unarguably a need, with you facing Summer year in and year out with the occasional Haze that does cool you down a little.

3. Room Service

Fine dining delicately served and presented right into your rooms without you having to lift a pan or wash a fork. Do I need to say more?

4. Aesthetical Luxury

Every aspect of the room to its furnishings are completely colour coordinated, elegant and has you feeling just like spoilt billionaire Instagram teenagers. Who doesn’t want to be spoilt once in a while before having to see your boss again and get back to reality?

5. Bathtub

Emptying out your shampoos, conditioners, and bath oils at the point where the water splurges into your tub gives you that perfect hot foam bath that your tired body deserves.

Ps: Hot water ain’t cheap lest you use gas heaters. Not sure about the new electricity providers. Yet to check them out. Feedback on those on comments below!

6. The bed

You know that satisfied heave of relief or an intimate sigh that you let out when you land your body on the hotel bed? The sheer luxurious comfort and the feel of being cradled by layers of aesthetically perfect fabrics could make you even forgo the free breakfast.

In fact, the whole staycation is probably spent on the bed itself!

Should you do that?

Read why a staycay might not be the best getaway here: Staycations; And Why You Shouldn’t do it!

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