The Asian Bedroom Design Cannot Make It, But Not Your Fault!

Walk to your Bedroom.

It looks great . The built-in wardrobe. The colour-matching dresser and bed frame.

Laminated flooring.

It has a really modern design. Minimal.

Overall, it is actually pretty awesome especially since your interior designers did a great job with it.

Your bed. Ahhhh… You definitely must have those 2 standard pillows on it. We love our bolsters. So there are the 2 bolsters. And of course, Your Duvet or Comforter that is the same shade as your fitted sheets and pillowcases.

I’m no magician ‍ and I probably screwed up half of those assumptions.

That’s not that point.

The point is that we are completely missing out on a bedroom quintessential that contributes to both appeal and comfort and we don’t even know that. The biggest problem is, its not even our faults. It’s a generational fault and the bedding manufacturer’s negligence.

Let me explain.

Normal Bed Design
Asian Bed Design

See a problem with the above bedding images? Probably not.

Well, most of these are HDB and BTO bedrooms that are showcased as gorgeous home renovations online. I don’t deny that. They look great. Even when posting out these designs as chosen selections, most local blogs, groups and interior designers have left out pertinent requirements within the Bedroom design.

Actual Bedding Look

Seeing the difference now? People In Europe And America and its counterparts have involved Home Textiles as part of their decor and as an essential element to their complete bed outlook since the beginning of times. Let me break it down for you.

Why this difference in the Bedroom Design?

 1. Beginning of times

The Chinese used to sleep on Wooden beds. The Indians; believed sleeping on the floor was healthier. The Japanese and Koreans lay their bed on the floor for warmth.

The Asians by genetic manipulation never seemed to have an inclination for textile comfort.

Even our traditional garments are rather uncomfortable!

2. Developing Nations

Most of Asia were just developing countries just a decade ago.

Everyone was interested in only developing the foundational needs of modernisation. Technology, Fashion, Production, Materials and  Beauty were the basic concentration to get up to speed with our Western counterparts.

The intrinsic details were neglected.

3. Following up on lifestyle habits

Since we were kids, we were very accustomed to only standard pillows and bolsters. We never understood the need for any other layers within the Bedroom Design and thus, left it at that.

Ps: Interestingly, bolsters are something very rampant only in Asia and something more of a maternal need in our western counterparts.

4. Weather

Most of Asia is either hot or humid. There was never a necessity for layers beyond a simple blanket and pillows.

Air conditioning introduced itself and then we moved on to comforters from blankets.

We never bothered with duvets as those never availed itself rampantly until recently.

What made the transgression of Bed designs more difficult for Asians?

1. Bedding manufacturers decided what was on our beds

How fashionable would someone who wears a red hat, a red shirt, a red suit, red pants and red shoes be considered? He would be considered a clown; not fashionable.

So why would it be considered acceptable to dress our beds up in all the same colours?

Wouldn’t a real design be considered what is acceptable as a dress code?

Even so, Asian bedding manufacturers decided to have no design coordination for their sheets and dump a bunch of exact same colours and designs on every bed set.

Apart from that, they decided to give us 2 pillow covers, 1 bolster cover and a comforter and these days a duvet cover. Apparently, they know our beds.

What if we have 4 pillows? 2 Bolsters?

2. No Guidance

The interior decor for homes has really evolved. These days most IDs are boutique designer who gives you the full suite of services. They are good. No doubt about that.

However, their job finishes once your home foundational element is set.There is a lack of guidance with regards to home decor or Home Textiles to accentuate our homes.

So what is it exactly that we are missing?

1. The actual components of a bed

Just as how a kitchen cannot suffice without cookware, utensils, condiments, staples, a fridge or a stove the bed does not suffice without its relevant components to make it welcoming or to make it complete.

Are the components really a requirement?


The components make your bedroom both aesthetically alluring as well as physically comfortable. If allure or comfort or design was not a requirement in our daily lives, we would not be taking 50k loans for our home renovations.

Bed Layering Cottoncrumbs
Cottoncrumbs Bed Layers

Read the following for the components of the bed: Bed Design: What are the bedding layers to dress your bed with?

2. Colours

Even for those who want just a minimal bed appearance, colours of the fitted sheet, pillows and covers can vary to create a wholesome design.

We see ourselves stuck to the exact same colour or prints on all the individual layers simply because the new set came that way.

However, this requires a designers eye or minimally a fashionable eye.

3. Pillows

Asian are only used to standard pillows and bolsters.

European Pillows, Throw Pillows, Lumbars and many other pillows create unprecedented comfort and magic to the outlook of your bedding.

But where do we even find them? Only the Expats in Singapore get them as they know what they are looking for.

How about those who don’t?

Ikea, being a Swedish company is the one place we can find these other types of accent pillows. Any other local companies like BHG do not have them as there isn’t a demand for them as people don’t know about them.

In fact, it is almost impossible to find something as simple as a king size pillow in Singapore or other parts of Asia.

Standard pillows actually look pretty lame on King Size beds but even the mattress manufacturers leave us with just standard pillows when we purchase a King Bed simply because we never knew we should get King Pillows rightfully!

To find out more about pillows read: Types of Pillows to décor your bedroom

4. Duvets

Most Asians don’t even know what a Duvet is. We are more used to comforters.

A comforter is rarely made from good fill materials. It is not of the best quality either as it comes as a complete set with the other sheets.

True comfort comes from choosing a duvet insert and then choosing a duvet cover.

The problem, however, is Duvets and Duvet inserts rarely come from the same place. Therefore, the Duvet covers rarely fit the insert and it gets really frustrating if it’s a bad fit and makes for a terribly uncomfortable sleep experience.

Ikea’s Duvet covers only fit their own Duvets. It is purposefully done that way and thus it is impossible to buy duvets separately. With duvets being scarce, many end up putting their comforters into their duvet covers.

Due to these limitations, we are not able to enjoy the comfort of that provisioned by a duvet.

Wanna know the difference between bedcovers? read: Difference Between Duvet, Comforter And Other Bedspreads

5. Recommended Set

A proper Bed Design should include European Pillows, 2 Standard Pillows, an Accent Pillow, A Duvet Cover and a Throwover.

This would minimally suffice.

There are other aspects such as flat sheet, fitted sheet or both. Bed Skirt, Bed Scarf, Accent Pillows are some of the other potential layers.

Ultimately, we spend a third of our lives on our beds. If anything should be spent on or evolved to its best potential, it should be the bedding in your homes.

Asians see their bedspreads and their bed layers as a separate entity. They don’t peg them together with the overall design of their homes.

We should dress and layer our beds to fit our room decor and complement it with the right accents.

We are not saying that all the layers are a must-have. Rather, if we had the knowledge, would we still choose to leave our beds the way they are or minimally perhaps add 2 European pillows to evolve its look?

Regardless, the limitations of current market availability and the lack of guidance leave us making our beds the way our grandparents did.

How other aspects of your home are affected too?

If Home Textiles are not used to their maximum potential in Bedrooms itself, then they are considered negligible in other parts of our homes.

The only accessories we have for our living rooms would be what we call ‘cushions’ for our sofas. The actual term is square throws which again, is so pertinent to our Sofas. The quality, the design and the fill make a big difference to the aesthetics and comfort of your sofas.

Most people buy any ‘cushion’ inserts and then randomly choose the same cover for all the inserts as long as they like the colour individually. They don’t see how the pillows add a whole lot of difference to the totality of your living room design.

Home Textiles Contribution

There are Lumbars, Sofa Throws and Odd-Shaped Pillows which make a whole lot of change to your homes. Again, this is something that is practised in Europe and America for a long time and one that us in Asia have still not caught up to.

Cottoncrumbs was created out of these very frustrations. We wanted Instagram worthy homes and sleep worthy bedding layers. We didn’t want to only experience it only when we went to a hotel stay.

Asia manufactures most of the Fabrics worldwide and yet what we use is far backwards from our western counterparts.

Cottoncrumbs aims to solve these problems by being a one-stop shop that

-educates you step-by-step
-provides and
-ensures the best quality of Home Textiles for your homes.

The best part; it won’t cost you your sleep. Pun intended.

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