How to Design your Bed to mimic that of a Luxury Hotel?

How many homes have you gone to; relatives or friends and seen a bedding design that blew you away?

It is extremely uncommon to see an Asian household which has a bedding set up as depicted in the image above?


It was never in our lifestyle or generational habit to care much for the contribution of home textiles to a home. When we do chance upon it in hotels, we get awe stricken but we can’t fathom having that in our homes simply because of:

  1. The lack of information
  2. The lack of options in the market locally

When we do go out to retail outlets for inspiration, we end up seeing bed sets with a fitted, sheet, 2 standard pillow covers and 1 bolster case and a duvet cover. Even the manufacturers have decided that is how we should sleep for perpetuity!

What if I have 2 bolster covers?

What if I have 4 pillows?

Home textiles is of absolute importance and even a necessity within the European and American counterparts simply because they have been accustomed to its comfort.

It’s time we reap its benefits as well!

Bedding design is all about layers. It’s the same as dressing up; understanding the various layers and how they complement the complete look.

Components of picturesque bedding:

Components of Bedding

A: Flat Sheet
B: Fitted Sheet
C/E: Standard Pillow
F: Standard Sham
G: Boudoir Sham
I: European Pillow
D: Duvet Cover
H: Quilt/Coverlet
J: Bedskirt
K: Throwover

First, understand how to place and fit these layers onto the bed.

Secondly, Play with the textures, materials, colours, and designs within the layers.

The most important bit is understanding the colour scheme of the room and its components before making the play decisions.

Read: How to recreate and design the Hotel sleep experience right at home? to understand colour themes.

Points to note:

Pillows/ Shams:

When you do purchase the covers, ensure that you know the size of the inserts so that you do not have excess material hanging off your pillow.

Read: Types of Pillows to décor your bedroom


  • 40% Of Americans don’t use them
  • All hotels use them
  • Asians rarely use them

Flatsheets help in the long run in so many ways. Yes, it makes doing up your beds in the morning a little bit more difficult but I’d rather have the short term issues than sacrifice the long term benefits.

People use these sheets different. Some put it between their fitted sheet and the sleeper. Some use it between the duvet and the sleeper.

I place it between the duvet and myself for a couple of reasons:

  • Since I only come into contact with the flatsheet and not the duvet covers, I don’t have to wash the duvet covers as often.
  • Since I only come into contact with the flatsheet and not the duvet covers, I do not need to buy expensive duvet covers but just buy expensive flatsheets still getting all the benefits of great fabrics.


These should usually be the defying colour within the colour theme of your bedroom. It should also be textured. When done right, these accentuate the overall design so much more!

Beat the hotels at their own game:

Hotels tend to keep the overall colour theme minimal. They play with subtle and light shades. This is so that they are sure of the sheets cleanliness after washes.

We can afford to be more vibrant with our choice of colours and textures and portray a much more comfortable and gorgeous aura than hotels themselves can.

Ultimately, bedroom décor has got everything to do with inspirations or phenomenal ideas that you can cook up in your heads. Design your bed after your bedroom. Design your bedroom after your home theme. Regardless of whether your home is themed Scandinavian, minimal ,urban, cottage, contemporary, modern or industrial there are tons of ideas to set up varying themes for your bedset.

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