How to Arrange Pillows on your bed & layer them in style

Arrange pillows on your bedding via 2 different schools of thought!

The first is rather traditional where the pillow layers are bound by ratios based on the bed sizes. The second which is the new school of thought is based on the theme that you have decided for your bedroom.

Nothing sets the mood and tone for your room better than the pillows you use for your bedding. Having the right number of pillows to accentuate your sleep experience is extremely critical. Personally, it kind of sucks to have to lunge my hugging pillow together with me when I am shifty or changing positions mid-sleep; So!

I kind of am, hugged in all directions by my pillows. The more the merrier.

To find out about sizing and the different types of pillows, read the following article: Types of Pillows to décor your bedroom

Arrange Pillows the traditional Way

The number of pillows you should use is based on the size of your bedding. Each bed sizing has a few different ratios that you can work with dependent on your preference. I am not a fan of the traditionalist styling but these are some of the layering methods I can appreciate. Let’s get started!


When a King Bed does not have enough pillows, it almost feels like you are starving the poor fella; the one who gives you 8 hours of bliss. Don’t leave him starving. Set your bed up the following ways.

Bed Design


The 3/2/2/2/2:
3 European Pillows
2 King Pillows
2 Standard Pillows
2 Throw Pillows
2 Lumbar Pillows


The 2/2/2/2
2 European Pillows
2 King Pillows
2 Standard Pillows
2 Throw Pillows


Pillows Decor

The 3/2/2/1

3 European Pillows
2 King Pillows
2 Square Throws
1 Lumbar Pillow


This is the most rational size of bed considering the size of homes that are being built in the Urban cities in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. The smaller size does not mean lesser comfort. In fact, you might just be that much cosier when you arrange pillows right.

Pillows And Breakfast

The 2/2/2

2 European Pillows
2 Standard Pillows
2 Throw Pillows


Pillow Combination and Design

The 2/2/1

2 King Pillows
2 Standard Pillows
1 Throw Pillow


Pillow arrangement on bed
Minimal Pillow Design on bed

The 3/2

3 European Pillows
2 Standard Pillows


Single beds are most often used for the kids’ room or your guest bedrooms. They generally require more maintenance and therefore keeping the design minimal, yet functional is important. These are the recommendations to arrange pillows on a single bed.

Arranging Pillow on a single bed

The 1/1

1 Standard Pillow
1 Throw Pillow

Dressing up your single bed

The 2/2

2 Standard Pillows
2 Throw Pillows

Throw pillows and Standard Pillows

The 2/1/1

2 Standard Pillows
1 Bolster
1 Throw


The above are some of the various combination and ways you can arrange your pillow for your bed design. Ultimately, they are just guides. As long as you play with the sizing, shape and colour rationally, any look that you feel complements your room can be used.

Read the following for colour themes in your bedrooms for a designer look:
How to affordably create the look of a hotel bedroom design?

Getting past our comfort zones with bedding design:

The whole concept of European pillows and throws on your bed might be a new concept to you. One has to break away from their comfort zones to embrace modern home styling. Home textiles play a big part in luxury and comfort but we are still stuck dressing our bed the way our grandmothers did.

For example,

You might notice that none of the designs mentions a BOLSTER. I love my bolsters too! Unfortunately, they just never sit well with bed designs. However, bolsters are something that we have been accustomed to and have become a big part of our comfort. Keep them away from your beds until you have to use them at night. Any designer looking bedrooms that you have seen as an image never hosts a bolster in it. To add on to the visual pain bolsters pose, we in Asia hosts 2 of it on our bed instead of 1!

There are tons of options to live luxuriously by moving past our comfort zone; you do not need hefty price tags to live a certain standard of life. More about smart spending for design in future articles:


but for now; while we in Asia are JUST getting accustomed to the modern way of dressing up our beds, there is a new school of thought.

Arrange Pillows to design your bed the New School Way:

The New School design ways have far manifested into something that is very personal and individual. There are no boundaries or rules of creation. As long as your bedding follows the theme that you have identified for your homes, only the sky is the limit as far as design goes.

Read the following on how to layer your bed to suit the theme of your home:
Bed Design: What are the bedding layers to dress your bed with?

Themes such as Modern, Industrial, Zen requires much more minimal styling. Themes such as traditional, Bohemian and Scandinavian can have a much less conformed styling. Be a maverick and inspire your own creativity.

New School Pillow Arrangement for Bed Design

Your pillow shapes, textures and sizes no longer conform. After deciding your theme and colours, seek pillow designs that are unorthodox. They are still considered throws or accent pillows but they do not have a standard sizing.

This would mean, you would be buying both the inserts and the pillow covers together and do not have many options in terms of alternative covers or easier washing.

It’s quite a lot of work. But it sure makes an awesome statement about yourself.


There are no rules of layering. Layer your pillows as per the way they complement the design of the rest of your bedding. Forget symmetry. The more outrageous and less consistent the more visually appealing it gets.


Functionality kind of gets thrown out the window. Though the new school arrangement makes for unique and eye catchy designs, they are functionally rather dismissive.

You most probably share your queen or king-sized beds with your partner. When every pillow layer is singular and not dual, it becomes rather difficult to have a practical design.

However, if only one of you read at nights. Then you only need one European pillow for your bedding as back support. If only one of you requires 2 standard pillows, then you could naturally start playing with odd numbers.

If your asymmetrical design is thought through, then bravo! Your design would be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

There is more to layering your bed with the right pillows. You need to know ways to mix and match various textures, colours and prints. Understanding the functionalities of the pillows and how they can help with your daily habits and lifestyle will come in rather handy too. There are tons of inspirations to unorthodox pillow arrangements as well.

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