How to affordably create the look of a hotel bedroom design?

One of the undeniable allures of the hotel experience is the night’s sleep that you get. There is an unexplainable sense of comfort and satisfaction. You want to recreate that hotel bedroom design for your homes but you can’t seem to put your pinkie on.

Up till now at least!

Read this to know the Hotelier’s secret to bedding: Why do hotel sleeps have such comfort and allure?

Let’s get down to the details than:

1. Colours

The sleep experience does not come from the bed setting itself. It comes from the complete room setting. If the sight of a lush green landscape in the early morning or the tranquil calm of the blue ocean in mid-afternoon can evoke a sense of calm;

Than a cleverly designed bedroom setting can do the same for your sleep.

The First rule of thumb is to decide on the colours that will be making up your room. Permanent fixtures would take precedence in this decision. Plan the remnant colours around that.

Stick to a 40/40/20% rule such that there will be 2 main colours followed by 1 other complementary colour.

Or, choose a 40/30/20/10 rule. Whereby 3 colours are complementary and 1 colour is totally off the theme to create a little volume in the overall design.

Bedroom décor colors
Colour inspiration for bedrooms

There should be a max of 4 total colours in the room. A few pertinent objects can be a different colour that is completely different from the chosen colour family.

We will discuss inspirations and more about colour themes in future articles.

2. Managing Clutter & Wires for a hotel bedroom design

During the initial design stages if you are freshly renovating your homes, brainstorm the hell out of the components of the room.

Even the finer details like switch placement, wires and bins.

Tell me a hotel with loose wires hanging around. Doesn’t happen. Even the most dilapidated hotels keep their wires in check.

Averting clutters and proper structure of switches and wires brings you one step closer to the Hotel experience.

There’s always a clever hack if you just decided to luxify your homes and your previous wiring plans don’t sit as well.

Thick wire casings!

After setting up protruding casings for all the wires, décor the casings themselves! Stick to your colour theme and throw in either the 10% colour component of the room or dual paint the casings sticking to the theme.

Clutter & Wires
Bedroom switch design

3. Managing Storage for a hotel bedroom design

Storage simply cannot be a Toyogo box layered on top of another! That should have been rule number 1. Not going to restructure placements in this blog, but get this one right!

Storage for your bedsheets, towels, plugs, books, documents, files; if your study happens to be in your bedroom needs to hidden. In fact, no one should be able to guess, that it’s a storage unit.

The storage unit is either completely hidden behind a false wall or it doubles up as a décor unit.

Storage space
Home storage space design

4. Walls, Flooring & Lighting

As long as you are sticking to your colour theme, the walls and flooring regardless of whether you are doing a wallpaper, stickers or paint are completely fine.

However, textures surfaces. You got to choose this one. You get to texture only one of them. The walls or the flooring. If one is textured, the other has to be a solid colour without textured designs.

The biggest mistake people make is to look at colours or patterns individually. It’s critical, to look at choices based on the mental image of your whole setup.

If it sits well in your mind without disruption, it’s good. If it feels noisy than decide otherwise.

Downlights, false ceiling lights and chandeliers are all good options. Just ensure you can get a dim orange lighting option to complete the Hotel Bed experience at night.

Now the imperative bit about the lighting. Ensure that when your curtains are drawn, there is an overflow of natural light in the morning. At night, you must be able to create a complete blackout. Buy blackout-curtains!

The last but the most important bit. Bedside light switches or lamp means you do not get out of bed to create your blackout. So, install those at both sides of the bed.

5. Designing your Bed

This bit is the focal point of the whole article. It’s a Giant on its own. I’m setting aside a full article on this one:
Article link: How to Design your Bed to mimic that of a Luxury Hotel?

6. Bedroom Décor & Accessories

Side tables, lamps, carpets, candles, plants, paintings, mirrors, vases and you will be making your room gorgeous but it strays from the hotel theme! Limit the choice of accessories to a max of 2 to stick to the hotel theme. Remember the first point that I had written about with regards to colours and how you can have a few outliers? These room accessories are the ones that can be your outliers.

However, ensure that only some of them defray from the theme and most of them still stick to the main components! Overdoing décor makes it a home. Being minimal makes it a Hotel experience.

bedroom accessories
Bedroom decor

Ps: With regards to your choice of painting, be as much of a douche as possible with its choice. The confusion contributes to the positive and classy image of the setup. The guest perspective of you; not so much.

Bedroom painting


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