About Cottoncrumbs

Cottoncrumbs is a name we have thought about long and hard. It sounds soft and dreamy, exactly how it should be when we all go to sleep.

This set hosts a fitted sheet, a duvet cover, 2 standard size pillow cover and 2 bolster cover.

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is one of the world’s best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety. All of the Cottoncrumbs products are safe from harmful chemicals.

Being Oeko Tex Certified means that our products are made without the use of harmful chemicals. You can rest easy, sleep blissfully knowing we are protecting your delicate skin.

The Cottoncrumbs Bedsheets

All our sheets are 300 thread count. After much researching, studying and actual testing (yes, we slept on many different thread count sheets), 300 TC, we believe is the perfect count for that perfect, restful and comfy sleep every night. Fit for our weather here in the beautiful sunny island!

Do you notice how most textile items tend to have those little bumpy clots of thread sticking out? Well, this is usually due to build up friction over time or it could even just be your toenails scratching against the material. Lucky for us all, the Cottoncrumbs sheets do not break apart easily and even after multiple washes however, it may tear when something sharp goes against it. Let’s mind those pretty toenails, shall we?

As for the wrinkles, yes, it does but this is an awesome thing! It goes to show that our products are not made with any harmful chemicals or substances. We do have a method to minimize wrinkles though

See here to know how.

You can use your sheets immediately, but we recommend to wash it just in case you have sensitive, delicate skin.

This is an age-long question! We however, have come to understood after many trials that just because the thread count is much higher means you will get a better sleep. We understand that there are many considering factors and the most important factor is the weather/climate. In a nutshell, the lesser the thread count, the cooler your skin feels but at a comfortable level of cool. The higher the thread count, the warmer it is. All that being said, not so low to a point the sheets tear just after 1 wash!

Contact us here to learn more.

Just like most textiles, after multiple washes you may notice a tiny shrink in the overall size but, we got you covered!

Click here to find out why.

Yes, we have bundled sets but we believe in freedom. Freedom to buy above the set you were looking at. In the customize bed page, you have the choice to select other products to add into your cart. Head over to the page to see how it works or start from here to begin your purchase journey with guidance.

We promise, it’s almost effortless. Select the items you are interested in, click the colour options and see it on the model bed. Go for it and be your own designer!

There are 3 special features on each fitted sheet. Your mattress can be thick or thin, our sheets will work for you. See how to use the sheets here .

You can find the sizes of all the our products here.

Our sheets are made to last for a long time:

  • Wash sheets on “Delicate” or “Hand Wash” cycle.
  • Low or No Temperature.
  • Tumble Dry on Low Heat for 2 hours and air dry after for optimum results.
  • Tumble Dry on Low Heat and remove promptly.
  • Air Dry.
  • No Bleaching.
  • Iron: If you have a preference to iron your sheet, you may do so on low heat.

Other Products

We have a variety of different ways our other products are stitched. The only material used for other products is Cotton. Other products consists of our décor pillow covers and our throwovers.

Definitely. We have inspirations on every page in our website and also we have the Cottoncrumbs pinterest board. Get #pinspired with us.

Absolutely! Head on over to your customize your bed page to be your own designer.

Cores / Inserts

Definitely! The king size pillows can be used as a body pillow, a head pillow or even a back support pillow.

Our sleeping pillows are made from Cotton Sateen and its filling is Alternate Down. It replicates the feeling of an original down.

But the eco-friendly way!

Our sleeping pillows comes in three different densities. Low, Medium and High. Stomach sleepers, for example, can benefit from a slimmer pillow which is the low-density pillow. Side sleepers need a pillow that has the right combination of height and firmness to prevent aches in the morning which would be the high-density. Back sleepers may benefit from using a pillow that has extra loft in the bottom third, to keep the neck in proper alignment which would be the medium-density.

We recommend to fluff daily and sun-air it once a week. If you would like to wash it, you may put it to gentle, low heat cycle and air dry promptly. Also, you may consider to dry-clean your Cottoncrumbs Pillows.

Touch & Feel

Sure! Click here to make an appointment with us before dropping by. Our office is available only on Tuesdays and Thursdays Between 12pm to 3pm.

Unfortunately, we are not a retail company and purely an online business hence, all orders has to go through our website.


We have ensured that our boxing experience is exactly like opening up a present hence, we have only 1 type of boxing.

Definitely! As you check out, you may leave your instructions in the Special Note box and we will sort it out for you.

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