Bedroom Movies: Vicky Cristina Barcelona – Have A Date On Bed



This is the first of the recommended Bedroom Movies of the night; alone with your partner.  Again, do not watch it with your family. That’s a nada. This post isn’t a review. Rather, reasoning as to why this movie would make an awesome date night movie on the BED.

Get absorbed in a wild chase of wit, silliness and wishful thinking. Not your atypical rom-com, Vicky Cristina Barcelona would be an utter delight and perpetuated tickles with your partner or other-half.

This is a Woodly Allen film. If you don’t already know, Allen, in all his movies, has a cast represent his antics and theatrics. Being quite a personality, the movie also plays off as a game between the partners to try and figure who his personality “The Woody Allen” is.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona portrays characters at various levels of sophistication who are mostly involved in the arts and the perils of love. They have an undetermined sense of righteousness. Sift through the craziness with this 4-some (Movie revolves around a 4-way ‘love’ muse’). They’re undeniably low-level neurotics. In addition, they are attractive, amusing and living lives we might envy:

— in this case, during a summer vacation in Barcelona – For those looking for a holidays destination, Allen gives us a tour of the glories of Barcelona, the city of Gaudi and Miro, the excuse being that Juan Antonio (The Lead Male) is showing the girls the sights. You might consider Barcelona for your next escapade as there is nothing like a seductive location to lend interest to whatever is happening in the foreground.

Lastly, at one point in the film, the narrator says a phrase that will pique your curiosity about its validity. “Only Unfulfilled Love Can Be Romantic”. Have a little debate at the end of the amusement and see if you agree.

Either way – Let the night end an hour later.



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